Herb Garden

Cathedral herb gardenAt the Cathedral, it is not known where the monastic herb garden was or whether there even was one. If it existed, it was probably situated close to the Infirmary. 

In 1992, Rev Vivienne Faull was the Cathedral Chaplain. She wished to restore the garden in Little Cloister as a monastic herb garden and this is where it is located today near to the infirmary arches on the north side of the Cathedral.

This enclosed garden has four themed beds: Culinary, Medicinal, Dyeing & Fumigating, Strewing & Cosmetic.

Simple display boards inform visitors about the placement and functions of the herbs. Some sensory herbs, such as lemon balm, chives and mint, are grown in pots to enable children to pick, draw and smell them at close quarters.

Many nurseries and garden centres gave plants for the garden, plus individual gifts. Many schools have used and enjoyed the garden and it brings another dimension to adults and children who visit the cathedral. 

The herb garden is entirely maintained by volunteers who are continuing to keep the garden well tended throughout the year. More help is always needed!


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