Bletchley Girls: Battle for Equality - A Virtual Schools Workshop

Bletchley Girls: Battle for Equality - A Virtual Schools Workshop

A Limited Edition Virtual Learning Session

Inspired by and developed as a companion session to playwright Lou Beckett’s Bletchley Girls radio play (available as part of the Gloucester History Festival from mid-September) this Special Virtual Learning Session from Bletchley Park takes you deeper into some of the themes explored throughout the three episodes.

Subject Focus: Maths, History, Computing

Suitable for: Students KS3 +

Duration: This is a 90 minute learning session


After you've listened to the audio play, Bletchley Girls, (click here to listen) we'll help you to explore some of the people, places and events behind the play.

We'll introduce you to Bletchley Park so that you can get to know where Mavis, Margaret and the other characters worked.

You'll understand the importance behind their work by stepping into their shoes and getting stuck into a codebreaking and direction-finding activity based on a key event in World War Two: just one of many directly impacted by the work of Mavis Batey and her colleagues! Finally, we'll compare the past with the present before leaving you with some resources and ideas for continuing your own investigations into themes uncovered by Bletchley Girls.

How to book:

For schools with 25% or more pupil premium this online session is offered free of charge (dependent on availability), please contact to register your interest and the Bletchley Park team will be in touch.

Schools that don’t fall into this category are also very welcome to enquire, virtual workshops will be charged at the normal Bletchley Park rate, please see the Bletchley Park website for more information


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