‘Sins of the World’ - an Exhibition by Ted Harrison

‘Sins of the World’ - an Exhibition by Ted Harrison

Wednesday 1 March – Tuesday 18 April

An exhibition of pictures and photographs in the Cloisters by Ted Harrison linking contemplation of the Passion with reflections on the horrors and evils of modern day warfare

Lent, in the church calendar, is the season of reflection and preparation for Holy Week when Christians remember the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus. In the words of the  Agnus Dei, Christ is the Lamb of God who ‘takes away the Sins of the World’

This year we continue to mark the centenary of the First World War One. It was hoped at the time that it would be the war to end all wars, but in reality it was just the start of what was to develop into, arguably, the most bloody century in the history of humankind. 

My series of sixteen paintings, being shown during Lent at Gloucester Cathedral, is a meditation on the key events of The Passion Story which takes a new look at some of the most poignant images from this last one hundred years of war, violence and genocide.

I link, for instance, the desperate words of Jesus on the cross ‘My God why have you forsaken me?’ with the horrors of The Holocaust. My painting ‘it is finished’ shows a young soldier from the First World War in his last seconds of life before being ‘shot at dawn’. ‘What is truth?’, Pilate’s question to the prisoner Jesus, is linked with the controversial sinking of The Belgrano. For ‘Golgatha - the place of the skull’ I adapt a press photograph of the pile of skulls found after the Killing Fields genocide.

The final painting in the series however is very different. It is an image of the risen Christ with the lion lying with the lamb in harmony at his feet. It is the resolution of the despair that precedes it and an expression of Christian faith and hope.

Admission Free

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