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Christopher Whall

Christopher Whall was a key member of the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 20th century. There are a number of fine examples of Whall's work in the Cathedral, including the series in the Lady Chapel (considered to be his most important work), and the east window in the Chapter House.

The Lady Chapel

The series of window installed by Christopher Whall in the Lady Chapel between 1899 and 1913 is acknowledged to be the finest glass of the period in England.

First in the series is the Fall of Man from 1899, showing the Garden of Eden.

Central to the scheme are scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary. In the Nativity shepherds and kings kneel in adoration before Mary and the Christ Child against a snow covered landscape. The rich colours and high quality of painting are typical of his work.

In the north side of the Lady Chapel Sanctuary is Christ in Majesty with the Virgin and Mary Magdalene. This is a stunning example of symbolism in every aspect, with spectacular use of colour.

Whall’s glass in the Lady Chapel contains images of many English saints. The detail of St Winifred (1901) includes the line of severance on her neck where she was beheaded and, at the base, the water springing up on the site of her martyrdom.

The Chapter House East Window

The east window in the Chapter House  from 1903 shows, in the upper centre, Osric, the founder of the first Christian church (about 679 AD) on the Cathedral site.

Below, William the Conqueror is depicted, commissioning the Domesday Survey in 1085 in the Chapter House.

At the top of the window are seven angels, including this one in a tracery light.

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