Gloucester Cathedral

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Lunchtime Organ Recital

26 May 2011 12:30

Marco Lo Muscio, Rome

The concert will be projected into the Nave via a large screen so that the audience can see the organist at work. Admission is free and no ticket is required. There will be a retiring collection after the recital


Steve Hackett: “Hands of the Priestess” from “Voyage of the Acolyte”1950 (Arr. Lo Muscio)

Marco Lo Muscio: Mystic Alleluja in Memory of Messiaen 1971

Ralph Vaughan Williams: Prelude from “Phantasy Quintet” 1872-1958 (Arr. Lo Muscio)

Marco Lo Muscio: White Prelude “Hommage to Boccaccio” 1971 Red Pedal Solo

Steve Hackett: “Second Chance” 1950 (Arr. Lo Muscio)

Keith Emerson: Fantasy on Fanfare for the Common Man (by Copland) 1944 (Arr. Lo Muscio)

Marco Lo Muscio: Visions from Minas Tirith “The White Tree”:

1971 (From Tolkien: “Lord of the Rings”)

Appearances of White Town

The White Tree

The Words of Gandalf

The Steward of Gondor

Dance of the Victory

Fanfare and Finale

Marco Lo Muscio (October 23, 1971) is one of the most versatile musicians of his generation: organist, pianist and composer. After three university degrees (“Cum Laude”), Marco begins his international musical career. He has held more than 700 concerts during the most famous Organ and Piano Festivals and played in important Cathedrals and Concert Halls such as Cambridge’s “Kings College Chapel”, Oxford’s “Exeter and Queens College Chapels”, London’s Westminser Cathedral, St. Petersburg’s “Great Philharmonic Concert Hall Shostakovic”, Moscow’s Cathedral, “House of the Music”, Gnessin Academy and Baptist Church; Prague’s St. Nicholas, Nikolai Kirche in Leipzig, Marktkirche in Wiesbaden; in all the Scandinavian countries, in France, in Poland, in Vatican City, in the Baltic countries and more...His latter works, dedicated to Progressive Music, have gained excellent reviews in specialized international magazines in USA, UK, Finland (Colossus), Brazil, Italy...He is very active as a composer too, and his compositions for organ and piano are published by Erreffe Musica. In August 2009 his music was performed in London’s “Annual Festival of New Organ Music”, and in 2010 in London's St. Paul Cathedral. Marco's work has captured the attention of great musicians like Christopher Herrick, Keith Emerson, Steve Hackett and John Hackett, and in the latest CD dedicated to Tolkien "The Book of Bilbo and Gandalf" is born with the cooperation of Pär Lindh, John and Steve Hackett.

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